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Naruto Shippuden Available from March 17

Naruto Shippuden is coming! Check out the trailer now

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  1. JJ Chip Says:

    when is naruto shippuden coming out in Australia

  2. Naruto fan Says:

    i was just enquiring when naruto shippuden volumes 4 and 5 were coming out? Please respond

  3. Naruto fan Says:

    and also naruto shippuden volume 3

  4. slykura Says:

    4 is already released. 5 comes out in February

  5. slykura Says:

    it’s already available.

  6. slykura Says:

    it’s already here

  7. Pritam Says:

    do i really have to wait for more than 2 years to get all the episodes of shippuden?????? man

  8. Pritam Says:

    cant i get all episodes this year??? dubbed ones of course

  9. KikyoHaruhiKonata Says:

    Meaning the episodes on tv or the video episode :) ?

  10. slykura Says:

    ‘Fraid so. The episodes are being dubbed as fast as possible at the moment. We would love to be able to bring them out faster, but it all depends on when episodes are made available to us.

  11. johnny Says:

    Is this the uncut version or the cut version of shippuden?

  12. slykura Says:

    Yes. All of our DVDs are uncut

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