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Naruto Shippuden airing on Cartoon Network!

Naruto Shippuden will start to air on Cartoon Network from March 8th, 2011.

2 episodes will air Tuesdays-Thursdays at 8pm each week.  Episodes of the original Naruto series will also air Mondays and Fridays at 8pm.

For local times and schedule information visit the Cartoon Network website.

7 Responses

  1. johnny Says:

    dont mind me asking but as i asked with the dvd’s is this the uncut version or cut?

  2. slykura Says:

    We do not know. Best to check with Cartoon network on that one. But it may be slightly edited to comply with TV standards.

  3. freddo Says:

    do you no when collection 6 will be released

  4. MorgiWorgi Says:

    Will cartoon network air all of the Shippuden series or just up to episode 65?

  5. Naruto fan Says:

    when does naruto shippuden volume 6 coming out?…….it hasn’t said when

  6. slykura Says:


  7. slykura Says:

    Hi Morgi – we are unsure. This is only a question Cartoon Network can answer. But it should play eventually.

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