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NARUTO COLLECTION 8 (EPS 93-106) in stores December 3rd

Perfecting the Rasengan!

Naruto and Jiraiya’s journey climaxes in all-out war with Orochimaru and his skilled right-hand man, Kabuto. Naruto must perfect the Rasengan in time to save the future Hokage, but when Naruto himself needs saving, Tsunade must overcome her fear and join Jiraiya in beating down Orochimaru.

The legendary Sannin engage in the ultimate Summoning battle, with their lives and the Leaf Village’s future on the line. Will Naruto succeed in bringing back the Fifth Hokage and her supreme medical skill to heal the Village Hidden in the Leaves?

Contains episodes 93-106.

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  1. ismael Says:

    hey go go go naruto i love the rasgan

  2. ismael Says:

    sorry saaaaaske boohoo

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